El Dorado Tavern Opening Thursday!

The El Dorado Tavern* test kitchen was abuzz with clanging dishes and conversation this week. If you had walked in, you would have found a silent dining room, light streaming through the windows and the voices of Chef Jack Foley and his crew planning for things to come.

“I must be crazy out of my mind to open a third restaurant,” playfully suggests Foley, owner of 158 Main and Jeffersonville Pizza Department. “But I am very excited about this,” he concludes as he returns his attention to the incredibly good smelling kitchen.

El Dorado, “the golden one,” refers to an ancient South American ritual whereby a tribal chief would cover himself with gold dust and walk into a lake to wash it off as his tribes mates threw gems and gold trinkets into the water. The symbolism of this practice is linked to the energy of the creation of the universe.

According to National Geographic, “In the 16th and 17th centuries, Europeans believed that somewhere in the New World there was a place of immense wealth known as El Dorado.” Jim Griffith, a Tucson, Arizona folklorist, observes that, “El Dorado shifted geographical locations until finally it simply meant a source of untold riches somewhere in the Americas.”

21st century Americans and travelers will be pleased to find their El Dorado here, in the Green Mountains. Is not a good meal in good company a golden moment?

Sometimes, the best places are just off the beaten path.

Join us, Thursday, October 30, for our Grand Opening. We will be serving our tested and true El Dorado Tavern menu from 4 pm until 2 am. Stop by Friday, Saturday or Sunday too. A complete schedule and menu will follow. Stay tuned. - (802) 644-5432.

*(Formerly El Zorro)

158 - El Dorado Map

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Jeffersonville Pizza Department Celebrates 10 Years!

It was September 8, 2004, on a Wednesday, when we took our first pizza out of the oven up at JPD. Thousands of pizzas and many other time-honored favorites later, it is time to pause for a heartfelt THANK YOU. We owe much of our success to your loyalty and feedback. Thank you for choosing JPD again and again.

Also, a very special thank you to the folks who have worked hard to run this business over the years: Dan Purvis, Christine Purvis, Taryn Mignone, Seth Provost, Sharon Foley Pray Ader, Bruce Ader and Joseph Breen. I am very grateful to all and look forward to 10 more years!

~ Sincerely, Chef Jack Foley

Stay tuned for more news. Meanwhile, this is the perfect occasion to highlight our favorite “Pizza For Breakfast” and “Pizza For Lunch” Recipes.

Pizza For Breakfast – Hash Brown Chicken Wedges

The original recipe that inspired our version called for sausage and bacon. We substituted chicken for a lighter dish. Adapt as you see fit and to satisfy your taste buds’ every whim. A friend informed us that she used all three, which left everyone around the table speechless and satisfied. We have found this morning pizza to be especially tasty with mild salsa or just plain ketchup. If you are in the mood for a sweet touch, a sprinkle of honey is rather interesting too.

Pizza For Lunch – Easy Currant Kasha & Pizza

This recipe combines a simple cheese pizza with a light, slightly sweet dish for a delicious and quite satisfying lunch or snack duo. It can also be served as a tasteful addition to a buffet style dinner. To serve, arrange on individual dishes with two narrow pizza slices and a small salad garnished with chopped orange wedges. You will love the natural sweetness of this dish and the variety of textures on your plate.

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