The Monday Mag – Feb 8, 2016

In This Super Bowl Inspired Edition Of Our Weekly Magazine:

– The Aztec Loved Guacamole
– The Aztec & Their Super Bowl
– An Irresistible 82-Year Old Guacamole Recipe

Our Favorite Quote Of The Week – “A man may be a pessimistic determinist before lunch and an optimistic believer in the will’s freedom after it.” – Aldous Huxley


The Aztec Loved Guacamole ~ The avocado was cultivated in Central America as far back as 7,000 years ago. Contrary to produce that was brought to the Americas from European explorers and immigrants, the avocado traveled the other way, its cultivation spreading from the New World to the Old World. It played a very important role in the Aztec diet. In fact, we owe the existence of guacamole to their culinary traditions. They made a sauce called, “ahuaca-mulli” which consisted in pureed avocado to which they added chopped tomato and onion.


The Aztec & Their Super Bowl ~ Not only did the Aztec feast on avocado, but they also feasted on several sports. In fact, sport was at the center of their community. So much so that the first thing they did upon establishing a new settlement was to build a ball court. This was only second to their first priority upon settling in: the building of a shrine. The ball court was build directly next to this shrine. Their most popular sport was called “Ullamaliztli.” This was played with two teams and the goal was to place a ball through a stone hoop. Such competitive sports were at the forefront of the Aztec culture.

grape guacamole

An Irresistible 82-Year Old Guacamole Recipe ~

“Delicacies from Mexico,” Los Angeles Times, October 12, 1934.
Ingredients: 2 avocados, 1 pound seedless grapes, 1/2 can green chilies. Instructions: Peel avocados and mash. Wash the chili, then mash and add to the avocados. Season to taste with salt, oil and vinegar. Wash the grapes and add to the mixture. When procurable, use pomegranate seeds instead of the grapes.” Source: The Food Timeline.

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Valentine’s Dinner 2016 – The Menu

What say you to Macadamia Nut Crusted Brie? Pear & Bleu Salad? Or Chicken Normandy? And this is but a glimpse.

Here is our Valentine’s Dinner Menu. As usual, we’ve put much thought into our selection so that you and your Valentine may enjoy a memorable feast. But remember, Valentine’s Day is also for celebrating anyone near and dear. Treat mom or a brother or sister to a tasty meal… just because. Please CALL TO RESERVE. 802-644-8100.

Click on Menu for PDF… and Bon Appétit!


158 Main - Valentine's Dinner Menu 2016

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The Monday Mag – Feb 1, 2016

Our Weekly Magazine Returns – With a New Focus on Weekly Facebook Highlights

In This Edition:

– The Best Breakfast For Your Morning Style
– Cambridge, With Flavor
– And a Rave Review Too

Our Favorite Quote Of The Week – “How sweet the morning air is! See how that one little cloud floats like a pink feather from some gigantic flamingo… ” ― Arthur Conan Doyle

monday review 1

The Best Breakfast For Your Morning Style – Are you a morning sunshine or a bit of a gray cloud who brightens up later? There’s actually a right breakfast for your morning mood and style. We did a bit of research. Here is what we found:

1. Grumpy? Fruit and grains should be your thing, for uplifting and long-lasting energy.
2. Athletic? Something with cheese or a layered yogurt, fresh fruit and granola parfait, for strong bones.
3. Perky, from dawn to dusk? Focus on protein and fiber with a veggie loaded omelette.

monday review 2

Cambridge, With Flavor – You know we like to explore definitions and plays on words. There is no better occasion to do this than when contemplating a classic 158 Main Sandwich we named after the great Vermont town where our village of Jeffersonville is so cozily nestled: Cambridge.

Cambridge – Town in Lamoille County, VT, that includes the village of Jeffersonville. Known for its people of good taste and good character.
Cambridge – Classic 158 Main sandwich of good character, featuring Meatloaf, Cheddar, Sweet Onion Ketchup, Baked on Hoagie Roll, Served with Fries.

5 star review

And a Rave Review Too – We received a rave review recently, and it’s not that we want to brag, but simply to acknowledge the compliment and receive it with gratitude. It was posted to our Facebook page, by Olga Mardach. She wrote, “One of the best restaurants in this entire region, great service and amazing food. What makes 158 so special is that they are very family friendly and the food is local, fresh and delicious!”

Thank you for that shining bright review. We are glad you so enjoy our food and company and hope to live up to your expectations every single time you stop in. We truly appreciate all feedback.

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Gluten Free Options For Dinner

158 Main now offers 8 delicious Gluten Free selections for dinner.

We’ve revised some of your favorite dishes to offer more dining options for individuals for whom gluten-free is a must, or a choice. And if you happen to worry that gluten-free means boring, or less flavorful, think again. We invite you to indulge in 8 flavorful and wholesome seafood, chicken or meat dishes that are bursting with flavor from the first to the last bite. Enjoy.

Gluten Free options are available during dinner service. Click on the menu for a printable PDF.

Gluten Free Menu



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