How to Build Insane User Loyalty and Get People Fanatically Addicted

On this blog, we’ve talked a lot lately about fostering user engagement and loyalty. Adding a point system, gamification, or simply asking for your users’ input on critical topics via polls/surveys are all ways to increase engagement. It was a great experience last night to see Dino Dogan speak at New Media Expo. He covered many theoretical ideas that go into making consumers insanely loyal and addicted to your product or service. You may apply the techniques he discussed in his presentation to develop incredible customer loyalty on your WordPress site and business.
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Syed Balkhi, our company’s founder, holds opinions that are very similar to those of Dino. Dino began his presentation by stating that researching cults is the best approach to learn how to develop irrational levels of user loyalty. The same concepts can be applied in a way that has no negative impact on anyone’s life. Syed majored in Anthropology and Religion in college for precisely this reason. There are numerous concepts to choose from, but Dino suggested the following three.


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You need to make a decision and stick to it. You have to take advantage of an already existent polarity and make use of it in your favour. It takes a lot of guts to stand out for what you believe in, and this is not the standard in society. Most people aim to please a wide range of people, which is why it’s difficult to cultivate a devoted and devoted fan base. Good vs. Evil is a simple way to define polarity. Decide the faction you’ll support by picking a side. Consider Pepsi as an illustration. They launched the Pepsi challenge, a declaration of war against Coke.
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To illustrate, Dino used the clothing retailer GAP. You’re not wearing your father’s pants anymore, they tapped on an already existing generation gap. Denim of this type is popular among the younger, more trendy crowd. Generations after World War II and the hippy generation were separated by a wide margin. By taking a stand, they effectively lost all of its senior customers. However, the newer hippy generation became a devoted following. They decided on a course of action and were glad they did.
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Dino made the crucial insight that polarity cannot be created. Your audience is already divided along polar lines. Finding it and using it to your advantage is all that’s required.
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The United States’ two-party system is an excellent illustration (Democrats vs. Republicans). They’re successful because they’re appealing to a wide audience. Regardless of whether it’s liberals or conservatives.
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You can typically generate a lot of debate by playing to the existing polarisation. The truth is, though, Controversy is good for business. To make his point, Christopher Hitchens drew on an already-existing dichotomy. His book GOD is Not Great discusses religion and atheism, as well as the differences between them. Atheism did not originate with him. Many people before him had the same idea, but he was the first to tap into the opposing polarity. Consequently, a large number of religious people were able to create and market counterproductive items.
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Apple, a company that geeks adore, is built on the concept of polarity. You’ve probably seen the “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ads. They successfully compel you to choose a side. Even if they don’t own one, Macs are frequently recommended by others. When you see something like that, it’s hard not to laugh. Even in the advertisement, the Apple man appears to be younger and cooler than the PC man, who appears dull. As a result, customers become extremely devoted to the brand.
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When it comes to creating ridiculous levels of user loyalty, knowing your customers is key. You need to know what your customers are thinking. You’ll need to know things like how old they are, what gender they are, and where they come from. Creating a customer avatar is a marketing name for this process. You establish a few distinct types of website visitors. Name your ideal customer type, if you can.

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Being your own customer is the best method to learn about your consumer. WPBeginner was started in exactly the same manner. It was critical to the success of our clients that we have it. Developers who refer their clients to WPBeginner for how-to material would be an example of a WPBeginner user. Due to the fact that we were all novices at one point, we offered resources that beginners would have appreciated.
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Having first-hand experience is the next best thing to talking to your customer. Since WPBeginner is always looking for ways to better serve our users, Syed attends a large number of WordCamps each year. This is exactly what Dino means when he says that the person in charge of the company’s vision must possess this knowledge, not someone in the marketing division.
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Offering status is a terrific approach to create ferocious customer loyalty. Humans are egocentric animals who crave power and respect. We’re taught to make hasty decisions based on things like what others drive or wear. Give folks a status if you desire their loyalty.
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Airlines is the ideal industry to learn from in this regard. Although the airline industry is terrible, flying on it grants you social status. As a result, people are more likely to stick with their original choice. However, the majority of them are just as bad. So, how do companies like Delta and others make you a devoted consumer base?.. Through the use of their Sky mile programme, they provide you with a rank. Get Priority boarding, priority upgrades, and so on with this membership!..

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Have you given any attention to how much it will cost? There are a few ropes. We, on the other hand, are clingy, attention-seeking creatures that revel in being on the other end of the leash. You can tell by looking at the looks of those who arrive first and board the plane. Do you have to pay anything when you get on board the plane? Nothing. Everyone on the plane must be boarded eventually. In the airline industry, value has been generated from nothing.
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Since kindergarten, we’ve been subjected to a rewards and status-based education system. Some people are given a perfect score. Some are awarded a purple star, while others are not. This nearly free incentive elevates the child’s prestige in their own eyes. This is an excellent illustration of how data may be used in place of other tactics while still fostering strong customer loyalty.