Table Talk 9

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Table Talk #9 – Ha! The soft wind blowing across a field in the spring, a gentle river, the purring cat, the voice of your mother when she sings to herself… forget these comforting sounds for a moment… is there a sound you enjoy that also happens to be LOUD, perhaps even obnoxiously so? What is your favorite loud sound? Why? 

Got an idea for a question? Let us know!

While you’re here, don’t miss the Random Thoughts we posted earlier today!


To see all Table Talk Cards – Click on the Table Talk label, in the sidebar.


2 thoughts on “Table Talk 9

    1. Those are great! There is another one out there called Chat Stack or something like that. Lots of fun and the questions really make you think well outside of the daily news or concerns. Great for a new perspective. Thank you for stopping by our blog and for taking a moment to leave a comment. we appreciate this very much.

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