Random Thoughts – Feb 12, 2013

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It takes time. It takes time for everything. Today’s gadgets make us think and act faster than ever. They change how we perceive the world. They change the neural pathways in the brain so that we think faster and faster. We may even be getting smarter, in a new sort of way, acting and reacting at unimaginable speed. Fascinating. It is said that we stretch time not by watching it pass by, but rather by filling it with activity and projects; by engaging the mind, constantly. Paradoxically, we savor time when we slow down; when we stop. Is it possible to be all at once increasingly engaged and aware? Yes. This happens at the table, where the aroma, colors and anticipation of food awaken all the senses and ground us in the moment.

Live Well ~ Eat Well

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2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts – Feb 12, 2013

  1. I love long dinners with good company and great food. I love it when the conversation slows down and deepens. I enjoy those moments when the conversation stops briefly, as the flavors of the feast take over consciousness via the taste buds. I wonder whether it has always been so for people,

    1. Good question. It would seem that this may be true in “extreme” situations maybe. For example, when someone has gone hungry and suddenly enjoys a bite, which would awaken awareness, as well as when a form of decorum is involved, as with a dinner shared with guests and friends. It often takes out of the ordinary situations to make us more fully conscious, doesn’t it? It’s like a nudge that brings a ha-ha! moment. Thank you for stopping by, even from your current far-away travels. Enjoy.

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